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GOTS certified

As a manufacturer of high-quality hand knitting yarns, animal welfare and sustainability are particularly important to LANA GROSSA. An increasing number of Lana Grossa yarns are GOTS certified.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a global standard for processing textiles made from organically produced natural fibers and is therefore an important textile seal. It defines environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain, as well as social criteria. Quality assurance takes place through independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.


Countries of origin

Lana Grossa stands for transparency, so the countries of origin and production locations of the yarns are visible to all customers at any time. Here is an overview of the natural materials used in our yarns.

The raw materials for Lana Grossa wool preferably come from regions in which, for climatic reasons, the cause of mulesing does not exist. As a result, many merinos come from South America. The range has been guaranteed mulesing-free since 2020.

When it comes to the proportion of raw wool, for which Australia and New Zealand are inevitable as the country of origin due to the requirements for fineness and fiber structure, the suppliers have confirmed that even these extra-fine merino yarns are guaranteed to be mulesing-free.

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Yarn trends made in Italy

The conditions under which Lana Grossa yarns are manufactured and compliance with environmental standards and fair working conditions are a basic requirement.

This applies to both the raw materials and the manufacture of the high-quality hand knitting yarns. The LANA GROSSA yarns are generally produced in the leading Italian spinning mills. All companies adhere to the efficient use of resources and to socially and environmentally compatible standards in accordance with EU regulations, as well as to Oeko-Tex standards, which provide information and identify them about environmental management, chemicals and their use, quality management, health protection and occupational safety .

We also adhere to the standardized European Textile Labeling Ordinance, which informs consumers about the raw material content of our products. That is why there is no alternative to raw materials from Italy for Lana Grossa either. Not only because of the short transport routes, which are certainly another plus point when it comes to logistical questions or quality control.

Lana Grossa FILATI

LANA GROSSA sustainability

For Lana Grossa FILATI it is an affair of the heart to keep the ecological footprint small and therefore sustainability is very important.